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[in reference to internet support of band]

Ben Edlund: And then there’s a cult, also.

Interviewer: “That’s a tumblr, right?”

Ben Edlund: Yeah, that’s a tumblr but I—I like believing that it’s a very big cult—with thousands of members in it.


That’s surrealtigerman!


I don’t know about “thousands”, but every good cult needs hooded figures…

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Ghost Tyger and Friends at Witzend 8-9-14

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Ghost Tyger and Friends | new song | at CIA | 06/21/14

"This is all about the ladies…the lady inside all of us. We are built of two halves…we’re built of a yin and yang, of a man and a woman, a masculine and a feminine. And it’s gotten kind of messy in there over the last few millenia. And the relationship between those two halves expressed out here and in there is a little rough. And we are now kind of under the crumbling programming of a certain patriarchal nature that still has all of us ladies basically choosing the male doll (?) if we’re given a chance. Still deep down a little bit. It’s hard, it’s unconscious, it’s patriarchal programming. It’s hard to deal with. This is a song about that, a little bit. I probably talked too much about it." Ghost Tyger, introducing this song

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Ghost Tyger & guitar | “Tall Thin” | 6/21/14

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Ghost Tyger (6/21/14)


Ghost Tyger (6/21/14)

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Ghost Tyger and Friends [opening song (excerpt) | 6/21/14 | at CIA]

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Ghost Tyger and Friends 6/21/14 | (1/2)

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Last night was fun.

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via octoswan.
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Ghost Tyger and Friends - June 7, 2014

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